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So to set the scene….absolutely beautiful warm sunny day outside of Chicago, amazing green venue, super fun Groom and STUNNING bride. This was our Thursday afternoon…how cool is that? So what did we love most…more than the beautiful sun peeking through the lush greenery, more than the Madonna-esque Vogue posing that the groom did to […]

Natalie & Zak are the couple that you always want to be around.    They are upbeat and fun, spunky and smart (yes she has a doctorate in pure math….don’t even try to figure THAT out), ridiculously in love,  and to top it off….they are drop dead beautiful.   It almost isn’t fair 🙂   […]

What inspires you??  It was a question I was recently asked, and my list was long.  How could I explain that I’m inspired by life?  All of the good AND the bad.    The bad things sometimes shape us in ways that could have never been shaped in any other way.   Sometimes bad things […]

I’m so thankful to all of the wonderful people I’ve worked with this season, and this year.  It’s been amazing!  Super busy..and embarrassed to not have kept up with the blog…but…yes but…in my defense, I didn’t want to spoil anyones Holiday cards by “leaking” their pictures.  I’m ready to share little by little, and, I […]

One thing I love about being a photographer, is being able to relive experiences with my incredibly fabulous clients.     Like the birth of your first child.   Ask any mom, and they’ll tell the story of how their first child came into this world with the brightest light in their eye.  It’s what […]