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I love the fact that being a wedding photographer allows me to travel to places in this beautiful country away from my home. That I get to see and experience life with peers and families with a different landscape. That is any photographer, but the special thing about shooting weddings, is that I get to […]

With the current political climate dominating the web, there is no better distraction than love. Scratch that….there is something better…..there’s pure love….love that’s intellectual and engaging. These days, even the word ‘love” seems cliche, but with Kelsey and Hythem it’s different. They exude a feeling that is like no other…one that brings you in and […]

There are some people in this world, who are just so comfortable to be around. Theres an ease about them that not only speaks of their warm personality, but their grateful heart and fun spirit. Alicia and John are those things and so much more. They are two souls that were supposed to be together, […]