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Chicago Newborn Photographer | Three More Loves of My Life | And my shooting style

There are some feelings that are just indescribable. You can’t fully describe the love you have for your own child, until you have a child. You can imagine that feeling, but you can never really feel it the way a parent feels it. The same goes for being an aunt. I don’t think I could imagine what it would feel like to have a nephew, or to feel this kind of love..until I watched my little brother Jason and his amazing girlfriend Rebecca, bring Mason Quaid into this world. Mason had a rough entry, and a rough time getting into the swing of this thing called life, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have this addition to our family. Our family now feels…well, complete.

It wasn’t until we had the scare of Mason’s birth, that I started to realize something about myself. I was in the room to photograph the birth. I had a plan of how things would go, the shots I would get. After all, I have three children and have witnessed many births, I knew what to expect. The labor and everything about this pregnancy progressed like clock work. We, in true Kelly fashion, were joking and having a blast in the room…even Rebecca (post epidural) was laughing and texting and enjoying the moments. Then we were ready for the grand event…time of birth 11:36am…Mason wasn’t crying…swarms of doctors poured in…the laughing, joking people in the room were completely silent. The Grandmothers were on their knees praying out loud. The minutes seemed to last forever. The camera sat alone on a chair. I had witnessed babies who didn’t cry right away…my middle child didn’t cry right away, and this was so much longer…so much more intense. Rebecca’s sister and I held on to eachother as Jason and Rebecca couldn’t take their eyes off of their new baby boy. When one of the nurses started to cry, we all lost it. And then that moment finally came…by the Grace of God Mason pierced the silence of the room with a newborn baby cry. I have never felt such gratitude in my whole life. With those few moments, I knew I was changed forever. I had always photographed newborns in a posed way. I have always loved the look of a newborn doing crazy unnatural things, putting them in all sorts of contraptions. But with this birth, I realized that the most beautiful thing about a newborn life, is just that… There is nothing more beautiful that pure love, and newborn babies are pure love. I could only hope to capture THOSE moments. The moments of complete and utter love.

Jason is my only sibling, and the only other person on this earth who truly understands my life growing up, the good and the challenging, and we were always in it together. I’m so thankful that they gave me the most wonderful gift this year…..they gave my boys a cousin. Congratulations Rebecca and Jason, and from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for making me an Auntie! Fair warning….I will spoil him rotten!! Love you guys! xoxo Auntie Minda 🙂

This video contains the birth pictures from the hospital. The photos that follow, are some newborn photo’s we took after his life calmed down a bit.


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