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Welcome to the Mommy Club… | Tinley Park Newborn Photographer

One thing I love about being a photographer, is being able to relive experiences with my incredibly fabulous clients.     Like the birth of your first child.   Ask any mom, and they’ll tell the story of how their first child came into this world with the brightest light in their eye.  It’s what us moms share.  The story usually starts with some sort of war story….long labor, awful contractions, hours of pushing, cesarean pain.   We usually get stuck with one of those.  It’s like we have a “secret club” and  whether your first child came from you, or came to you, we all have a story and are happy when we can share it with other members of the “club” since they are the only ones who truly understand.   When you’re pregnant, or when you’re waiting for a beautiful child you’re adopting, or waiting for some sort of surrogate to bring you the little one….. you can only imagine what’s its going to be like.  You’re told it’s the most wonderful moment of your life, but until that baby is in your arms, you truly….have….no…idea.   But the best “perk” of the club, is being able to share the struggles of being a mom.  You can share the troubles with other club members without judgement.  We will never think that you love your newborn any less if you complain about the crying or the trouble nursing or the lack of sleep.  We’re happy to give advice, and always expect you to make your own decisions based on what’s best for you.  So no matter what your background is…where you come from…how old you are…how big your paycheck is….how many children you have…if you work at home, or out of the home….there’s a level playing field in our clubhouse, and that’s inspiring.   I have an fabulous mother, and a grandmother that is so amazing it could bring you to tears.  I’m lucky to have them and always make sure they know it!  So to all my fellow club members old and new……Happy Holidays!  Although this might be an “I am woman, hear me roar” type of comment……”I’m inspired by the strength of all of you, encouraged by the new moms, and we can rule the world darn it!!”   OK,  phew….I got that out.   Now for the cute baby pics.     Introducing a ridiculously handsome newborn boy with a fabulous name!   Presley Robert Dehaan, his incredibly cool dad, Bob, and gorgeous mom, Stephanie.   Welcome to the club Stephanie!  

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