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    We believe it's not about the background. It's not about the fireplace you're standing in front of, or the tree you're standing under.
    It's about the look on his face when he watches you turn the corner and come down the aisle.
    It's about the way you look at each other during the first dance as if you're in your own world with not a soul around.
    It's about seeing your grandmother's smile as you walk down the aisle wearing her earrings. Photography is personal.
    A great image makes you feel something. It evokes emotion as if you are there in that moment.
    50 years later, when your grandchildren look at your album, it will bring tears to their eyes, not because of the beautiful bench you are sitting on, but because they will feel the emotion of the day. Throughout all of history, throughout different cultures and religions, there is one common
    Love looks different to everyone, but we all have a story.
    We all have a love story that deserves to be be preserved.

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So we took a break from blogging and social media for anything A&M Photography related over the winter months. You might ask why? You might wonder because in this day and age, if your business isn’t on social media multiple times a day…if you aren’t blogging immediately…if you aren’t getting published every weekend….then your business […]


Even though our first attempt for their engagement session was interrupted by rain, the second go around couldn’t have been more perfect! Sometimes things fall into place just as they should be and magic happens. When I saw them walking up I just new amazing things were going to happen. From her lovely print dress […]

  • June 12, 2016 - 8:59 am

    Al Longtin - These are really really great photos. You captured a spirit and essence of their relationship that is powerful. Kudos to you !!!ReplyCancel


A secret passion of ours is shooting and designing sports banners (and replica posters for the kids and grandparents) for competitive sports teams. We have shot, designed, and printed hundreds of sports banners and posters. We shoot and design banners for 12U Baseball teams within the Cooperstown specifications, for soccer, softball, basketball, baseball, football….you name […]